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We provide services to our clients in the areas of Will preparation and Estate Planning, as well as representing Estates, and in some cases beneficiaries or other interested parties, through Probate.

We believe that every adult should have an Estate plan setting out their wishes in the event of incapacity or death.  This usually involves a Will appointing an executor, naming beneficiaries, and appointing a guardian for any minor children. 

This may involve a Power of Attorney authorizing a trusted individual to make legal decisions if you are unable to do so. It may also involve the delegation of decision making authority if you are non resident in Canada or are temporarily out of the country but need to exercise ongoing business decisions through a trusted representative.


Your plan may also be supplemented by a Personal Directive setting out preferences for personal and medical care in the event that you should be mentally incapacitated, or physically unable to express your personal care wishes.

In some cases, an Estate Plan may include the creation of a Trust, which may result in significant tax savings for an individual’s Estate. 


We can provide advice with respect to such trusts, and put you in contact with the appropriate tax advisors to determine whether a trust arrangement is an advantageous strategy for your Estate.

We provide  litigation support and services if a dispute arises in an Estate or regarding a Power of Attorney.

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