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Top Rated Long-Term Disability Benefits Lawyers

Dealing with a long term disability can be life-changing, not just physically but also financially and emotionally. Dumke Law has associated itself with NOVA Injury Law, a seasoned personal injury and disability benefits law firm, to help guide our clients through the legal process and fight for the compensation they deserve.


NOVA Injury Law is a top-rated disability and personal injury law firm, specializing in supporting individuals through the complexities of long-term disability claims. Led by Jeff Mitchell, our diligent team has a track record of successfully restarting benefits and winning settlements with leading disability insurers.  We work closely with our in-house Chief Medical Consultant, Dr. Laura Mitchell to ensure that every aspect of a legal claim receives thorough and informed attention, providing comprehensive client advocacy.


Why Trust NOVA Injury Law for Your Disability Benefits Claim?


Profound Experience in Disability Benefits Law:

Jeff Mitchell and our skilled legal team have an extensive background in long-term disability law. NOVA Injury Law leverages our legal and medical experience to effectively represent our client's interests for favourable outcomes

In-depth Case Evaluation:

NOVA Injury Law conducts comprehensive evaluations of each case. Our collaboration with a range of specialists and medical experts ensures a well-rounded representation of your disability and its impacts on your life.


Client-Focused Approach:

We understand that each client's situation is unique. NOVA Injury Law is dedicated to providing customized, personalized, and empathetic legal support, focusing on your specific needs and challenges throughout the claim process.

"No Win, No Fee” Structure:

We operate on a contingency fee or'no win, no fee' basis, alleviating financial stress and ensuring our services are accessible to disabled workers struggling to win the benefits they deserve.

Comprehensive Services for Disabled Workers

Our areas of practice include, but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Illnesses

  • Mental Health Disorders

  • Injury-Related Disabilities

  • Occupational Stress Injuries

  • Along with a spectrum of other disabling conditions.

For additional information: click here to download NOVA Injury Law’s FREE must-read guide to winning disability claims!

Begin Your Claim TODAY with Confidence

Struggling with a disability benefits claim? Contact NOVA Injury Law for a Free Case Review. Let Jeff Mitchell and our team stand by your side, and guide you toward securing your rightful long term disability compensation.

Call us now or submit your contact information below for a FREE consultation.

Together with Dumke Law, NOVA Injury Law is here to help fight for your rights.

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