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What is litigation?


Litigation is the term used to describe proceedings initiated between two opposing parties to enforce or defend a legal right. Litigation is often settled by a negotiated agreement between the parties, but may also be heard and decided by a jury or judge in court.  Only about 10% of proceedings end up being heard in Court.

A proceeding may simply be an exchange of letters to resolve a dispute between parties, and/or face to face negotiations, but may also involve a lawsuit filed with the Court, and may go as far as the highest Court in the country.


What we do

We strive to protect your interests throughout the litigation process, anticipate your risks, and to find creative solutions that allow you to avoid conflict where appropriate and possible.  


We are conscious of litigation costs, yet we are thorough in our preparation and attention to detail to ensure that you are informed in your strategic planning, and we are vigorous in the court room.


Our goal is for you to focus on managing your personal and business affairs even when a dispute arises.

We offer litigation services in the areas of:

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Contract Litigation

  • International Trade Finance Litigation

  • Builders’ Liens

  • Employment Litigation

  • Quieting of Titles, including Right-of-Way and Boundary Line Disputes

  • Estate Litigation

  • Family litigation

  • Personal Injury Litigation

  • Small Claims Court Proceeding

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