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Property transactions often coincide with significant milestones in your life.  From simple purchases and sales to complex transactions involving multiple properties and financing solutions we focus on your interests and goals while we provide our services to you.


Whether you are purchasing your first home, moving or refinancing to meet changing life circumstances, building a cottage by the lake, or finding the perfect commercial property for your active business or investment portfolio, we can help to protect your interests and guide you through the transaction.

We are pleased to provide legal services in the following areas:

  • Real Property Purchases & Sales

  • Land Registrations pursuant to the Land Registration Act

  • Mortgages, including Refinancing & Construction Mortgages

  • Grants of Easement

  • Residential and Commercial Leases

  • Real Estate Litigation, including Quieting of Titles, resolution of Right-of-Way issues, and Boundary Line Disputes

We have extensive experience in facilitating non-resident purchases and sales. 


We provide services in English and German, and can help connect you with realtors, inspectors, surveyors, and accountants to meet all of your property needs.


We marshal resources to meet your needs and will work with local professionals to ensure that nothing is missed or overlooked.

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