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We strive to protect our clients’ interests throughout the litigation process, to anticipate clients’ risks, and to find creative solutions that avoid conflict where possible.  


We are conscious of litigation costs, are vigorous in the court room and our thorough preparation and attention to detail inform your strategic planning.


Our goal is for you to focus on managing your personal and business affairs even when a dispute arises.

We offer litigation services in the areas of:

  • Commercial Litigation

  • Contract Litigation

  • International Trade Finance Litigation

  • Builders’ Liens

  •  Employment Litigation

  • Quieting of Titles, including Right-of-Way and Boundary Line Disputes

  • Estate Litigation

  • Personal Injury Litigation

  • Small Claims Court Proceedings



We are pleased to assist local companies, non-profit and not-for-profit organizations with all of their legal needs. 


We also work with regional, national and international organizations requiring assistance with specific matters in our local or regional area.


Our staff can assist you in German and English. From business start-up to winding down a company, we focus on client-centered creative solutions so you can get on with your business. 


Our services in the area of business law include:


  • Small Business Start-up

  • Federal and Provincial Incorporations

  • Corporate Governance

  • International Trade Finance agreements and Performance Bonds

  • Shareholders’ Agreements

  • Commercial Contracts

  • Commercial Mortgages

  • Purchases and Sales of Real Property

  • Share Purchases & Sales

  • Asset Purchases & Sales

  • Labour and Employment Advice



Property transactions often coincide with significant milestones in our clients’ lives. We work on your file in association with Macleod Webber with whom we are associated to provide the full range of services to you. 


Whether you are purchasing your first home, moving or refinancing to meet changing life circumstances, building a cottage by the lake, or finding the perfect commercial property for your business, we can help to protect your interests and guide you through the transaction.

We are pleased to provide legal services in the following areas:

  • Real Property Purchases & Sales

  • Land Registrations pursuant to the Land Registration Act

  • Mortgages, including Refinancing & Construction Mortgages

  • Grants of Easement

  • Residential and Commercial Leases

  • Real Estate Litigation, including Quieting of Titles, resolution of Right-of-Way issues, and Boundary Line Disputes

We have extensive experience in facilitating non-resident purchases and sales. 


We provide services in English and German, and can help connect you with realtors, inspectors, surveyors, and accountants to meet all of your property needs.



The aftermath of a motor vehicle accident or other personal injury can have significant affects on your physical and emotional well-being. This can make negotiating with insurers a challenge.

Our Personal Injury team can help you assemble the extensive disclosure required by most insurers. 


Our team includes Elizabeth Dumke, a retired Registered Nurse, who can review and summarize your medical reports. 


Our lawyers can provide research and advice outlining the case law that relates to your claim. 


We can then prepare a comprehensive settlement offer, and negotiate with insurers on your behalf.  If an acceptable settlement cannot be reached, our firm can commence court proceedings to resolve your claim, and can guide you through the litigation process.



We provide services to our clients in the areas of Will preparation and Estate Planning, as well as representing Estates, and in some cases beneficiaries or other interested parties, through Probate.

We believe that every adult should have an Estate plan setting out their wishes in the event of incapacity or death.  This usually involves a Will appointing an executor, naming beneficiaries, and appointing a guardian for any minor children.  It may also involve a Power of Attorney authorizing a trusted individual to make legal decisions when you are unable to do so. 


Your plan may also be supplemented by a Personal Directive setting out preferences for personal and medical care in the event that you should be mentally incapacitated, or physically unable to express your wishes.

In some cases, an Estate Plan may include the creation of a Family Trust of Insurance Trust, which may result in significant tax savings for an individual’s Estate. 


We can provide advice with respect to such trusts, and put clients in contact with the appropriate tax advisors to determine whether a trust arrangement is an advantageous strategy for their Estate.



We feel part of our commitment to this region is providing service to charitable organizations and social initiatives.


If you are an organization in need of assistance contact us to discuss how we may be able to help.

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