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Dmytro (Mitty) has a degree in Civil Law. He completed his education in Ukraine in 2010 (BA) and 2011 (Specialist). His degree has given Mitty a deep understanding of the legal principles that underpin his expertise at Dumke Law. Now Mitty is diving into Common Law principles learning and intends to confirm his legal education in Canada in order to become a lawyer in Nova Scotia.


While he is still on the journey to his dream, Mitty is working at Dumke Law on Civil Litigation and Probate matters and is bringing many remarkable skills to our team. He speaks three languages (English, Ukrainian, Russian), is well-versed in technology, and has years of experience in content marketing. In the future, Mitty would like to become an excellent lawyer and help as many people on the South Shore as possible.

Apart from work, he enjoys running, cycling, reading books, and spending time with his wife and cat. Mitty is also an active volunteer with several local organizations and helps with different fundraising events.

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