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Kathryn Dumke was born in Korbach, Germany, in 1954. Following high school and obtaining her university entrance qualification, Ms. Dumke entered an apprenticeship as a farm business manager, earned her degree in 1978 and worked as a farmer in Germany and after 1985 in Canada until 1990.

Ms. Dumke earned her law degree from Dalhousie University in 1992 and has since practised on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Prior to coming to Nova Scotia, Ms. Dumke was instrumental in creating the Demeter certification program for biodynamic produce in Ontario and was a Member of the Joint Committee for the Province of Ontario to implement certification standards for organic farmers. Ms. Dumke organized several international and regional conferences during her tenure as board member of Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association in Ontario.

In her spare time since coming to Nova Scotia, Ms. Dumke was one of the founding members of the South Shore Waldorf School Association and was instrumental in the opening of the province’s first Waldorf School in 1995.

In addition, Ms. Dumke has served on the “Foundation La Bruyére Blanche,” a Lichtenstein Foundation, funding and supporting biodynamic and organic farming in North America. Ms. Dumke has also served as director on various boards, both with commercial entities and charitable organizations. Ms. Dumke is a former two-term President of the Lunenburg County Barristers’ Association, and served as a member of Council from 2010-2011.



Pam Fancy has been an extraordinary addition to Kathryn's practice.  Her organizational skills and abilities as a paralegal have enhanced the efficiency of our practice.   Pam makes sure that the work gets done.

Prior to coming to Dumke Macleod, Pam worked for Taylor and Silver for eight  years.  Pam has been a Certified Court Reporter and Commisioner of Oaths for 17 years. 

At home Pam takes care of her family and animals - in that order.  She enjoys spending time with husband Peter and son Dalton. She reads in her spare time and loves movies and enjoys relaxing days at home.


Elizabeth was born and raised in the United States.  She immigrated to Canada in 1999.  Elizabeth worked as an RN in an Emergency and Critical Care setting for 30 years retiring from the profession in 2011. 

In 2011 she joined the firm of Dumke  Macleod as office administrator and book keeper and she will fulfil these functions at Dumke Law as well. 

In her spare time Elizabeth reads voraciously.

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